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Mess Request for Proposal: Development of a Strategic Communications and Implementation Plan for Tewatohnhi'saktha
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Client Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission

Request for Proposal: Development of a Strategic Communications and Implementation Plan for Tewatohnhi’saktha

Tewatohnhi’saktha, Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission wishes to engage the services of a communications consultant, or team, to undertake the preparation of a three-year strategic communications and implementation plan for Tewatohnhi’saktha’s divisions, and for the organization as a whole.? The plan is expected to be ready for implementation by December 30, 2018.

The purpose of this contract is to identify and detail approaches to fulfilling the divisional and organizational communications requirements in a comprehensive and coordinated strategy, and prepare a complete implementation plan.

The deadline for submission is 4:00 p.m. on Friday October 12, 2018

Thank you for your consideration.


Lisa Lahache,
PR/Communications Officer





Tewatohnhi’saktha, Kahnawà:ke’s Economic Development Commission, wishes to engage the services of a communications consultant or team to undertake the preparation of a three-year strategic communications and implementation plan for each of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s divisions and for the organization as a whole.

The objectives of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s Strategic Communications Plan are to:

  • Increase community support for Tewatohnhi’saktha’s organizational projects and initiatives;
  • Maintain community interest in Tewatohnhi’saktha’s initiatives;
  • Increase external clients’ knowledge of our products and services;
  • Increase Tewatohnhi’saktha’s presence within the community of Kahnawà:ke;
  • Incorporate the new organizational functions of tourism, economic development/marketing, business retention and expansion, and workforce development into communications plan and strategy;
  • Encourage the flow of information between various local community organizations and other audiences;
  • Foster a consistent, professional image in all business dealings;
  • Develop best practices for communicating internal messages throughout the organization;
  • Develop a branding strategy and update brand guidelines; and,
  • Identify appropriate and practical uses of social media tools.

The desired outcome of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s Strategic Communications Plan is the development of a three-year strategic communications plan from initiation to implementation, which provides the framework that supports the achievement of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s strategic priorities, including:

  • Introduction
  • Objectives of a PR/Communications Plan
  • Current State Assessment
  • Environmental Scan
  • Branding Strategies
  • Target audiences
  • Strategies for internal communications
  • Strategies for external communications
  • Communications Templates
  • Implementation Plan



Tewatohnhi’saktha was established in 1999 by legislation of the Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) for the purpose of creating jobs, wealth, and self-sufficiency for the Mohawks of Kahnawà:ke.? Tewatohnhi’saktha operates as an autonomous entity from the MCK and operates as a cooperative legal structure with seven voting members acting as Board of Directors. Tewatohnhi’saktha exists to stimulate and enhance Kahnawà:ke’s growth by investing in people, businesses, and economic opportunities. The three divisions of Tewatohnhi’saktha are:

  • Organizational Services Division
  • Business Services Division
  • Employment and Training Division



Tewatohnhi’saktha is located in Kahnawà:ke, Quebec. There are five intended uses of the Tewatohnhi’saktha Strategic Communications Plan:

  • To communicate our programs and services with the local population within Kahnawà:ke, to community groups, and to other community organizations and increase local support for the organization;
  • To attract tourists to our community and to market our community as a potential tourist destination;
  • To market Kahnawà:ke as a potential business partner and to attract businesses to locate in our community;
  • To recruit individuals and internal/external employers and foster relationships with them, to enhance our workforce development function; and,
  • To communicate our programs and services to our local business community and foster relationships with them, to facilitate the creation of new jobs in the community.



The consultant is required to:

  • provide a written proposal and all associated costs; and,
  • report to the PR/Communications officer and work with Tewatohnhi’saktha divisions when necessary.

The schedule of work will be aligned with the operationalization of our mandate and be ready for implementation by December 30, 2018.



  • The consultant will have a demonstrated knowledge in the Public Relations/Communications field.
  • In the project proposal, the consultant must identify and describe similar projects undertaken within the past 5 years.


Strategic Plan Components:


  • Introduction to Tewatohnhi’saktha.
  • Introduction to Tewatohnhi’saktha’s structure.
  • Outline of the scope and structure of the communications strategy.

Objectives of a PR/Communications Plan

  • The objectives of the PR/Communications Strategy and desired outcomes.
  • Objectives will be stated for the three divisions and the organization.

Current State Assessment

  • Evaluation of the current communications practices and strategies.

Environmental Scan

  • Evaluation of all communications mediums available to Tewatohnhi’saktha and their effectiveness.

Branding Strategies

  • The consultant will work with Tewatohnhi’saktha to create a consistent visual look and “brand” for all its communications materials. This will include fact sheet templates, advertisement templates, graphics standards and guidelines.

Target Audiences

  • Audiences for all communications products should be targeted as precisely as possible for each division to maximize effectiveness.

Strategies for Internal Communications

  • A comprehensive guide for internal communications between Tewatohnhi’saktha’s divisions.

Strategies for External Communications

  • A comprehensive list of all media campaigns for the duration of the communications strategy. The consultant will provide such a list for each of Tewatohnhi’saktha’s divisions and for the organization.
  • New organizational functions to focus on are our tourism, economic development/marketing, business retention and expansion, and workforce development functions.

Communications Templates

  • Templates for the creation of communications strategies for future projects and initiatives.

Implementation Plan

  • A detailed Implementation Plan indicating recommended communications products and timelines.
  • An implementation plan will be developed for each communications function.
  • Each implementation plan shall include a detailed workplan, budget, and timelines for completion of all recommended activities. The implementation plan will also include prioritized initiatives, benchmarks, and evaluation measures.


  • The consultant should identify opportunities for enhancing the Strategic Communications Plan beyond what is outlined in the work scope.
  • Tewatohnhi’saktha reserves the right to reject any and all bids.


The mid-range value of the project was estimated at $40,000. Submissions with a higher cost may be accepted, but will not receive full weight during the scoring of submissions.


The Consultant will prepare a draft and final Strategic Communications Plan and submit an electronic version of the draft and final plan.

The final plan will be completed by November 30, 2018.


Tewatohnhi’saktha will be evaluating proposals using a Weighted Scores method. Each criterion is assigned a weight and based upon how well the consultant’s proposal addressed each criterion, Tewatohnhi’saktha will assign a score of 0-10 and then multiply the points by the designated weight to get the total weighted points for each item.

Criteria 0-10 score Weight Weighted score
Company background and experience. 10
Experience in performance of comparable engagements. 20
Scope, approaches, methodology, timeline. 30
Reasonableness of cost. 40
Total Weighted Pointes ? 100 ?



Responses and inquiries to the RFP can be forwarded to:

Lisa Lahache
PR/Communications Officer
P.O. Box 1110
Kahnawake, QC J0L1B0
Email: โฆษณาเกมยิงปลา
Tel: (450)638-4280
Fax: (450)638-3276


The RFP must be received by Tewatohnhi’saktha offices by mail or e-mail no later than:

Friday October 12, 2018, at 4:00 p.m.

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